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Celebration...every two years, the years ending with even numbers (2016, 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024), our state-wide quilting organization, Virginia Consortium of Quilters (VCQ), has a grand weekend of quilting, eating, and just plain fun! Workshops are available with teachers from across the country. Or, you can choose to sew on your own in the 'Come Quilt with Me' room. The workshops are wonderful, the food is wonderful, and the friendships you make and re-establish each time, are priceless.

Celebration 2020

We are sad we needed to cancel Celebration for 2020, to keep our members safer during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are hopeful much of the work done will smoothly transfer to 2022. Thanks to our previous president Heather Zavagnin for taking on Celebration Chair in addition to her very full job as VCQ President at that time. Committee members were Susan Price (Brochure), Karin McElvein (Quilt Challenge), Heather Zavagnin (Teachers), Phyllis Keesee & Deb Schupp (Block Lotto), Kathy McCrea (Registration), Mary Grogan, Wendy Collyer, Karin McElvein, Lynn Garver (Tag Team), Betty Blessin (Silent Auction), Elaine Breiner (Centerpieces), Elizabeth Gibson (Tote Bag Challenge), Susan Brooks & Heather Zavagnin (Raffle Items/Welcome Bags/Door Prizes), Jean Drake-George, Kathy Jolley and Signe Vaughan (Sunday Worship), Elizabeth Gibson, Karen Brewster, Robin Speck (Girls Friday) and Mary Grogan (Vendors). Click here for more information.

Celebration 2018

Thanks to co-chairs Susan Beard and Phyllis Mondak and their committee for bringing us another fun Celebration in 2018. Committee members are Phyllis Keesee and Wendy Collyer (Block Lotto), Judy Beigbeder (Challenge), Susan Fulton (Door Prizes), Karin McElvein (Registration), Alice Kennedy (Silent Auction), Deborah Schupp (Tag Team), Phyllis Mondak (Teachers), and Mary Grogan (Vendors). Click here for more information.

Celebration 2016

Thanks to Heather Zavagnin, Susan Price and their committee for taking on the responsibility to manage the 2016 Celebration weekend. The committee included David Banks, Judy Beigbeder, Betty Blessin, Joan Clemons, Paula Golden, Kathy McCrea, Joan McGowan, Marty Moon and Robin Speck. Click here for more information.

Celebration 2014

Many thanks to Heather Zavagnin and her committee for the once again amazing 2014 Celebration weekend. The committee included Betty Blessin, Kitty Bull, Teena Crawshaw, Elizabeth Gibson, Marty Green, Monique Moody, Shar Peitz, Barbara Randall, and Sherry Whitford. Click here for more information.

Celebration 2012

Many thanks to Susan Virden, Barbara Gaffield, Mary Kenney, Kaye Pelley and Deborah Wright for another wildly successful Celebration weekend in April 2012. Click here for more information.

Celebration 2010

Celebration 2010 was a huge success! Many thanks to the Ladies of the Lake: Marcia Wright, Kate Holdgreve, Janie Lawless, Cindy Stachelski, Stephanie Schaefer, Sharon Pafford, Linda Quinn and Jean Hensley.
Click here for more info.

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